Wacky Ways to Kick Start Your Labour


Many of us enjoy being pregnant but some of us just can’t wait to give birth (especially if we’re overdue or feel like a beached whale) and will do some unusual things to encourage baby to arrive into the world sooner.

I have previously blogged about natural ways to bring on labour and recently I read an interesting article about Wacky Ways to kick start your labour.

Here are the combined set of tips on how to help you reach your due date!

  • Spicy Foods -Eating spicy curries or foods with chilli or cinnamon can be warming and many women have said that the heat has brought on their labour
  • Sex- you’ve probably all heard about this one! Hubby will be happy too!
  • Pelvic floor exercises -apparently stimulating the pelvis can help with uterine contractions.
  • Steaming coffee grounds- this is a very unusual method where you place a plastic bowl in the toilet, put some ground coffee into it, pour hot water on top and,  squat over the bowl and steam ‘down below’ for about 20 minutes. Sounds a bit weird to me!
  • Acupuncture which has been used for centuries is apparently meant to help stimulate uterine contractions to induce labour. Not into needles? then try Reflexology which works in a similar fashion.
  • Watching a scary, comical or emotional movie can apparently assist in releasing emotions and relax or scare you so baby’s arrival is faster!
  • Galloping like a horse, curb walking (walking with one foot on the curb and one on the ground) or bumpy car rides.
  • We don’t really recommend any methods to bring on your labour! But found some of these methods quite amusing!

Has anyone had any success coaxing baby out using a weird or wacky technique? We’d love to hear your experiences!


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