Toddler + newborn baby = lots of love and chaos

Got a precious few moments of peace today – our toddler, Amber is at my parents and Ollie, our newborn baby is asleep. I have to add here – look how gorgeous he looks while he’s sleeping. But look at him when he’s crying! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grumpier face – I’ll have to show this picture to his first girlfriend!

Grumpy Ollie
The grumpiest baby in the world!
Sleeping Ollie looking so peaceful
And our lovely, sweet Ollie when he’s sleeping

Things reached a fever pitch last week when I had the two kids crying at the same time. Ollie crying because he was so tired and Amber crying because Rob had to leave her for work. In the end, I had to let Ollie cry as the rocking and patting in a dark room were simply not working and Amber was getting more hysterical as time went on. It was a hard thing to do but the best thing in a way. Amber calmed down pretty quickly and Ollie went off to sleep soon after.

Despite it being so busy at the moment, I’d have to say I am enjoying motherhood with my second baby. And so far, so good with the insomnia and post-natal anxiety – no bursting into tears all the time and going back to sleep soon after feeding at night time. I also enjoy seeing where my little girl Amber is at and comparing her to when she was Ollie’s age. And I’m happy with how far we’ve come along as a family.

Our family really does feel complete now. I had a check up with my obstetrician this week. It was basically a nice chance to catch up and say thank you. We also chatted about how I’m 100% confident I won’t be having another child but I did ask him, “Out of interest and PURELY out of interest, how many caesareans can a woman have?” (Despite wanting a natural birth each time, I’ve had to accept this wasn’t possible for me, given the size of my babies and the size of my pelvis.) Apparently, he’s not aware of any maximum figure but did mention that a client of his has had 6 caesareans! And he reckons her uterus could have survived another!

The best moment so far in having 2 kids has to be seeing them together and Amber giving Ollie a big cuddle. She is just thrilled to bits having a baby brother in her life. I think it certainly helped that the whole time I was pregnant, we told her that it was “her baby”. And she’s eager to help whenever I ask her to bring me a cloth for Ollie or pass me a cushion for feeding. Its also amazing to see that I have doubled the amount of love available in me for my two kids. Before Ollie came along, I actually wondered how I could love another child as much as I love Amber – it seems that we not only grow an extra baby inside us but we grow an extra space in our heart when we’re pregnant.

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  1. ReadMoreBooks

    The last time I wrote a Baby Blues review, my youngest son was 11. He’s 14 now and I’m still loving the series. The writing is funny and truthful, the drawing is quirky and endearing, the story lines tell it like it is! I love how the kids do age, but slowly so that we ease into it. Not like the real thing where I could have sworn my kids were all watching Bob the Builder just a minute ago. Three months ago I became grandmother to a beautiful baby boy. I decided to dig out the series from the beginning and read them all again (yup, I have them all). I’m getting ready to hand them over to my daughter-in-law, I think she will get a kick out of them.

    Keep up the good work!

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