Kid-friendly AND parent-friendly venue!

Last weekend, we knew we had a list as long as our arm on things we had to do around the house as do most parents. However, we also had our young kids to entertain. How do you combine the two?

We decided to take the kids to Bunnings with us and what a successful trip it turned out to be! We visited the new super-sized Bunnings at Artarmon as as we needed plants, lights, wall brackets and wanted to check out their paving options. Our kids were excited from the moment we reached the front entrance – they had spotted the mini shopping trolley. Unfortunately, there was only one so a bit of a scuffle broke out amongst them. So, a definite area of improvement would be to get a few more of these trolleys – they’re almost as rare as hen’s teeth there. Our littlest one was somewhat consoled with the second-place of getting a shopping basket which he could hardly lift.

Then, we reached the playground which looked like lots of fun to me but turned out to be a bit scary for our 4 year old daughter who doesn’t like living on the more risky side of life. Our 1 year old son would have been more than happy to clamber about but he couldn’t get up the steps. There were a few distractions that kept him going for a little while within the playground.

However, the absolute highlight of the trip for the kids was the FREE face painting. They seem to have trained up their young employees to produce small works of art on kids’ faces. They’re not at all bad and actually have quite alot of patience for the little mites. (The one who painted Ollie’s face didn’t even flinch at his crusty snot that I had neglected to clean up!) And, waiting for your turn isn’t a problem either as they have plenty of drawing and painting materials available to entertain youngsters.

Free toddler face painting at Bunnings

Our little 'butterfly' and our little 'patch' doggie with their dad, Rob

We too, had a good laugh at the results and managed to pick up all the things we wanted. Our four year old had such a good time she can’t wait to go back. Now, if only they had someone who could babysit while we did all our DIY, we’d be in DIY heaven!

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