Thank you

I’d like to thank all my friends for spreading the word about maternity sale. Its been a crazy time, going live just before Christmas and just before the baby is due (29th Dec!). I hope all our friends have a lovely Christmas and for those of you going away, that you arrive safely.
I’m hoping that Rob and I will actually be able to relax for a couple of days this Christmas and NOT think about work. I think the only really Christmassy thing Rob and I have done in the last few weeks has been going to the Cargowise Christmas party.

Christmas masquerade party

It was alot of fun, dressing up for a masquerade although it was pretty easy to guess that it was me with my very large bump. I ended up wearing the purple halter neck maxi dress which worked quite well as a maternity evening dress when I teamed it with a pair of heels. (Have to say that the heels did end up killing my feet that night, carrying an extra 12kgs on my bump at the moment!)
I’d also like to thank my first customer for their purchase. I’m sure they will love the maternity wrap dress and I’ve sent them a little discount voucher either for themselves or for one of their friends.

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