Mums, we may not always get it right but that’s okay!

I was just thinking the other day how much guilt I’ve been feeling. It always feels like there’s never enough time to give my kids all the love and attention I want them to have. And when I do have time, sometimes I’m just so exhausted that I’m probably not giving them the best quality time I could.

Now that my eldest one has started school, there seems to be even more responsibilities. A healthy morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea has to be prepared, getting her to school on time and getting homework done. Sometimes, she’s just so over me nagging and I can understand why! But overall, I think I have to stand back and think I’m not doing too badly. She’s happy, doing well with her literacy and numeracy and making friends. I’m loving seeing the lightbulb go on  in her brain when she gets a new idea.

The other day I realised just how far I’ve come with being a mum. I was writing a blog post for the team at What To Expect, a fantastic online version of the team from the essential What To Expect When You’re Expecting books and it made me think back to over 5 years ago when my motherhood journey began. And I realise that I’ve learnt alot, as well as cried alot and laughed alot. I had a particularly tough time with my first baby, Amber. Post-natal anxiety and insomnia ruled my life for 8 long months. It really was often the best of times and the worst of times.

However, I got slowly got back on my feet. And even proceeded to have baby number two which I really didn’t believe would happen. I’m so glad I did. It has been the most wonderful experience ever and I got to understand the beautiful journey that motherhood can be. I think my realistic expectations set the scene for a smoother journey. I still make mistakes but it’s okay, it’s all doable and I’m still learning.

So what would be my biggest piece of advice to mums? Have at least two or three or even eight kids and you’ll be such a pro that you’ll be able to do it all in your sleep! No, seriously, I would say talk to as many mums as you can beforehand, get involved, help them out and in the process you’ll be helping yourself out to you when it comes to be your turn.

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