First Trimester Checklist

Child Care

Hooray, congratulations, you’re pregnant! But, before you relax, make sure you take care of these important details that I wish someone had told me. Preparing for the birth of your baby isn’t just about going out and buying the cutest baby clothes (although that is pretty fun!)

1) Decide if you are going public or private. If you are going public, it’s pretty easy to get into the system and you’ll be assigned a mid-wife at your local hospital for your check-ups. However, if you going private, do a quick quiz amongst your girlfriends for a recommendation on obstetricians in your area. You’d be surprised how hard it is to get on to the books of a highly sought after OB! Here’s a little tip – if after making several phone calls, you can’t get in to see the specialist you want, ask to be put on a waitlist or better still, go in and speak to the receptionist at their practice. It’s a lot more difficult to say no to a hormonal pregnant lady in person!

2) Start taking your pregnancy multi-vitamins. In fact, you should be taking these while trying to conceive to build up folate levels etc. I found it was often cheaper to buy in bulk online.

3) This should actually be the first point as no one tells you about the horrors of getting into the child care of your choice! I found out the hard way, when at 5 months pregnant (which I thought was really early) I found the waiting list at the local child care was about 1 year long! I’d highly recommend going on a tour of several local child care centres. (See if the staff seem happy or how long they’ve been there – high staff turnover is an indicator that all might not be well.) Don’t limit yourself to your local area – consider if one near work would allow you to pick up and drop off in time to make it into work on time. Beware that some daycare centres only have operating times which match school hours. If you are returning to work, you’ll need one which offers long day-care. You’ll often find the most sought after ones are the ones with the longest waiting list.

4) Ask around your friends for second-hand gear. It will be one of the best money-saving ideas ever. Babies only ever use their equipment and clothes for such a short time that most things are still in really good condition when they come to you as a hand-me-down. If you don’t have many friends who’ve had babies, take a look on ebay or gumtree.

5) Book in a baby-moon for your second trimester as this is the time when you are likely to be feeling your best during your pregnancy – morning sickness should have passed and you’re not yet too big that moving around is uncomfortable.


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