Weird Chinese pregnancy traditions

Things seem to have settled down now for a bit. We’re at the 2-month mark with Ollie and I am having a chance now to enjoy our two gorgeous kids. We’re down to one feed a night and he’s also sleeping well during the day now. Yay! He’s also smiling now which is just lovely to see. Baby smiles with no teeth always look a bit odd though don’t you think?

Anyway, I was doing a bit of reading on Chinese culture and found some really funny Chinese pregnancy myths. I hadn’t heard many of them before which is strange seeing as I’m from a Chinese family. Thought it would be fun to share them with you.

1) Using sharp objects around a bed can cause your baby to be born with a cleft palate or lip
2) Don’t touch glue or sticky things as your baby may end up with birth marks. (Well, I’d have to say this might be true – I’m forever doing arts and crafts with my little girl and Ollie does have a faint birth mark on his back.)
3) Don’t criticise others as your baby will act and look like the person you are criticising – I find this hard to believe but I’m interpreting this as more a message about karma. Plus, being calm and happy while you’re pregnant is the best state to be in.
4) And what many people believe, Chinese or not is that eating too much will produce a big baby – one that will be a real pain to push out. Well, I really wasn’t all that hungry during my pregnancy and still ended up with a large baby (4kg) so I’d say that’s a definite furphy.
5) Last but not least is that the father should be the one to give the baby its first bath. Well, I say dads should always do the bath and clean up all the stinky poos too.

There’s plenty of other interesting old wives’ tales about pregnancy and babies. I’d love to hear about any other funny cultural superstitions.

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