Why Our Nursing Sports Bra Is Your Must-Have Post-Pregnancy Item

Post Pregnancy workout

I have worked long and hard to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape. For almost four years after the birth of my second child I have regularly trained at boot camps, aquarobics (the hard work kind) and tennis and I’m still not completely there. However, I’m happy where I’m at and I’ve also got two super gorgeous kids as well.

I really wish I’d tackled getting into shape earlier though. I kept putting off getting into shape as I was too tired in the early days and having had a caesarian section, I was told to take it easy in the first 6 weeks. And then 6 weeks became 10, then 16 and then I found that with a baby, new business and looking after the rest of the family, there simply wasn’t time to look after me! Plus, I had good excuses like my breasts were too sore from breastfeeding to be jogging around.

One year on, I was lucky enough for a friend of a friend to have won a 3 month pass at a local gym. Lucky me scored the pass as the original winner lived too far away to use it. It has been the best kick-start I ever had into getting back into shape, both physically and mentally. I am now fitter than I’ve ever been and have found a great way to relieve stress. I haven’t completely lost the post-pregnancy baby tummy but at least people stop asking me now if I’m pregnant or not! This gyms and many other gyms also have a creche which is free to use if you have membership at the gym so that’s another excuse out the door…

I hope this post has inspired anyone out there who is thinking they need a kick-start to getting fit. I even see ‘mums squads’ out at the beach with the cost of a child carer included – I couldn’t think of a better way to get fit than that. And if you’re breastfeeding, that needn’t be an excuse either as we have the most supportive, affordable nursing sports bra available at our online shop. And, if you need further encouragement, please read this article on how getting fit as soon as you can post pregnancy is good for you.


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