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Micro Fibre Contour Nursing Bra

Micro Fibre Contour Nursing Bra

I was giving advice to a cousin the other day on maternity bras and realised that it’s the question that most mums need advice on when it comes to advice on maternity wear. When you’re a first time mum, it really is so hard to know how much your breasts will increase when breastfeeding. To make matters more complicated, we all want to have our hospital bags ready and packed before the big day. We definitely do not want to be worrying about bras when we’re half asleep and have a newborn to look after immediately post-birth. This means trying to estimate what bra size you will need when you first start breastfeeding.

The problem is that there are no hard and fast rules as to how much milk your breasts will produce as everyone is completely different. In general though, I would say that most mums go up a cup size (and sometimes a band size – the measurement around your body immediately below your bust). Then, when your milk first comes in and your baby is feeding fairly constantly, you will often go up another cup size (or two).

As your baby drops feeds, you will find your breasts generally going back to their non-pregnancy size. A good option when you are unsure of sizing is to opt for a bra such as our seamless nursing bra which covers off a few sizes with each size available e.g. the size M covers sizes 10E, 12B-C, 14A-B). We always get fantastic feedback on this bra – that is so comfortable even when you have sore, sensitive breasts.

Other bras such as the strapless nursing bra gives you so much more flexibility with what you can wear while the contour or lace trim bras give plenty of support which is ideal when your bust is on the larger side. Our bestselling bra by far are our nursing sports bras for mums who want plenty of support when they’re getting back into shape. For sleeping. a comfortable bra such as our nursing sleep bra (which is also very cheap at only $26) will help hold breast pads in shape so that any leaking milk doesn’t have you waking up when the sheets get damp.

We’ve made a real effort to source affordable maternity bras with easy nursing access as we’re aware these bras are a short term addition to your wardrobe. Having said that, they will go through many washes as leaking milk (even when you use breast pads) will mean you may go through 2 or 3 bras/day to begin with. As always, we offer free shipping with all our bras.

We are always ready to help out should you need advice and there is also our maternity bra size guide to use a reference.

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