Tips for summer maternity fashion

Hurray! I’ve had an article published on ezine articles called “Maternity Clothing – Affordable and Stylish Maternity Dresses for Summer”. It doesn’t just cover maternity clothing tips for summer but also includes tips on how to hide your bump before you’re ready to tell everyone about your pregnancy.

My due date is actually today but I seriously doubt that the baby is going to come along today – besides I’ve got too much work (including housework – boring!) to be done today. Its my only day of babysitting this week as childcare is on holidays so today is SO PRECIOUS!

I’ll soon be getting samples for winter clothing – yes, I’m having to think a long way ahead at the moment and I’m quite excited to see them. Its hard to imagine thinking about winter clothes at the moment when the sun is shining but I imagine I’ll have little time to think about it when the baby arrives next week. If you’re thinking about winter maternity clothes already, I’ve got a winter maternity skirt at a super cheap clearance price of $48 I could recommend.

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