Still in maternity clothes

Hands up who’s still been in their maternity clothes 6 weeks after giving birth? Me for one! My tummy still hasn’t quite got back to its previous shape as my toddler pointed out in her very direct and innocent way. That’s a bit depressing, especially when I remember my mum pointing out how wonderful Cate Blanchett looked just days after giving birth to her last child. I do take it with a grain of salt though. After working in magazine design for so long, I’m well aware of the extensive photoshop work that goes on to make celebrity mums look so glamourous.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much chance to do a whole lot of exercise of late – there just doesn’t seem to be any time. We also do need to get a double pram. However, I’m not sure I can push my 15kg toddler, 5kg baby and a 10kg pram up the huge hills that surround our house!

On the upside though, I still get to wear my maternity clothes such as my maternity mini skirt which I’m so fond of. Its also really comfortable continuing to wear maternity pants or skirts with a soft underbelly band when you’ve had a caesarean section like I have. The wound area still feels a bit tender. And doesn’t it feel like you’ve just had the longest period ever after giving birth!

Looks aside though, I am enjoying motherhood the second time round much more than the first. Its just so cute seeing our almost 3 year old girl beaming from ear to ear when she sees little Ollie. I feel truly fortunate to have a healthy and loving family around me.

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