Stay Feeling Sexy When Pregnant

It can often be the case that as our pregnancy progresses, we feel less and less sexy. We all hear about women who can’t get enough sex as they experience a flush of raging hormones that sends them into a phase of total lust. However, for other women, the increasing body size together with backache, sore breasts and, dare I mention it, haemorrhoids, having sex with their partner can be a difficult past-time to negotiate. One of the key things to help you not to lose the one thing that got you pregnant in the first place, is to take the time to appreciate yourself and keep up the effort of looking the best you can, despite the changes to you body that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Keep up making that little bit of effort and you will feel more tuned in to having sex should the opportunity arise.

A good maternity bra will do wonders for your comfort and confidence

One key wardrobe item to help you stay feeling sexy is to choose a supportive maternity¬†bra. No longer items that look like they could be used for industrial purposes, today’s maternity bras are hot! The proper support will help soothe your swollen breasts and if your partner does happen to get lucky, you will feel comfortable whilst looking sexy. If you are one of those women who have increased sex drive when pregnant, get ready for good times!

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