Soft-soled Baby Shoes In Luxuriously Soft Leather

The Cutest & Softest Baby Leather Shoes On Sale!

The Cutest & Softest Baby Leather Shoes On Sale!

It’s always so exciting to see your baby reach milestones in their young lives. I will always remember how exciting it was to see my first daughter Amber start to stand in the ‘hero’ pose. Amber was relatively early in learning to stand and then to walk – around 10 months (which doesn’t make her any more clever than other babies who learn to walk later. Everyone reaches different milestones at different times and that’s the great thing about humans – we’re all different).

However we did help Amber a bit by not constricting her to hard-soled shoes as she was learning to stand and walk. She was either in bare feet or had soft-soled leather shoes on when we took out of the house to a playground. I believe she got her sense of balance early by learning to feel the ground with her whole sole and adjust her weight as necessary. If she’d been in hard-soled shoes, she wouldn’t have been quite so sure where she need to put more weight to stay upright.

I’m a big fan of our Charli Bear leather shoes. Firstly, for babies they are a godsend as the designs make them harder to pull off than socks! If you have a newborn in Autumn and are trying to keep their feet warm over winter, it’s truly frustrating when you have to put their socks on again and again. Charli Bear shoes have elasticised backs which helps the shoes to stay on.

When you have a toddler, the soft leather (and it truly is the softest leather available) allows your toddler to feel the ground almost as if they weren’t wearing anything on their feet at all. These shoes are often called pre-walkers as they are perfect for this stage of your baby/toddlers life. There is ample room in the front section to allow little toes to spread out. Added features included non-slip pads on the soles and cotton lining.

The designs are awfully cute – mini sneakers, mini ballet flats or mary janes. I have to admit to enjoying dressing up my kids in cute clothes and shoes! We’ve got a fantastic range of last season’s Charli Bear shoes in baby and toddler sizes on sale at amazing prices. Some sizes have already sold out so hop online now so you don’t miss out! They also make a fantastic gift for a newborn baby.

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