Pregnancy can be expensive…

Actress Emily Blunt likes to shop.

Becoming pregnant and having a baby can be expensive. First of all there is kitting yourself out in maternity wear to accommodate your changing shape. However, this does not have to be expensive. A few core maternity outfits should see you through your pregnancy. Then, just think of all the baby stuff you need during the first year… crib, pushchair, high chair, monitors… that’s to name just a few items. It is so easy to get excited and spend money on things for your new arrival, only to discover that the item you bought isn’t quite right or that it never gets used once baby has arrived!

Let’s hope that actress Emily Blunt doesn’t have the same problem. Emily is rumoured to have spent a whopping $35,000 in an LA baby store in preparation for her new arrival. Items included a $7000 crib and a $5000 changing table.

Back in the normal world, it is worth spending a little extra on quality, must have items. Leave the rest until after baby is born so you truly know what you need and can make purchasing decisions based on the experience of being a Mum and caring for your baby.

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