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Its been ages since I’ve had a chance to blog but there is just so much I want to say! Sometimes I don’t know how we mums keep going – its like we’ve got these batteries inside of us that ust keep going and going. However, I have taken a bit of time out lately for myself and also to catch up with other mums.

The solidarity and support of other mums is one of the best things about being a mum. I have truly met some lovely and fantastic women who have shared their ups and downs with me in the most honest way. I love honest conversations, especially ones where we’re wearing our hearts on our sleeves. And I have had some great chats of late.

I am generally really upfront in talking about my experiences with post-natal anxiety. I know it comes of a shock to many people to hear me talk about it openly as depression/anxiety and any sort of admission of mental illness is still not spoken about widely. I really hope that the taboos surrounding these topics will fade sooner rather than later as there is great benefit to be had from sharing our experiences. Firstly, it makes us feel like we aren’t alone and it is more natural than not to have had periods in our lives where we feel like we’re not coping – you know, when life throws too many curved balls than we can handle.

Chats that I have had with girlfriends of late has confirmed the prevalence of depression. It has also confirmed for me the relief someone feels when they realise they are not alone in their feelings. The second major benefit is the passing of wisdom and experience to others. The simple fact is that whatever feelings of depression or anxiety we are feeling is that they WILL pass, life WILL get easier and you WILL have the chance to fully enjoy the experience of motherhood again. All these ideas are so true and they among the best things we can re-affirm with each other.

The other interesting thing I have realised is that post-natal anxiety or depression is not confined to the period immediately after the birth of your baby. It can happen months later or even a couple of years later, especially if mums are still not getting a decent night’s sleep.

So lets get talking and not putting too much pressure on ourselves to be the perfect mum as there really is no such thing. It might seem like that mum walking down the street with the gorgeous outfit, hair meticulously done up, sleeping baby in designer clothes has it all together but scratch the surface and you’ll probably find that she’s one of us.

I want to finish this post with a few useful links for any mums out there who may need to talk to someone. Plus, feel free to send me an email/write a comment should you want to talk about your own experiences.

http://www.mothersafe.org.au/ (For those who need to take medication – anti-depressants or otherwise while pregnant/breastfeeding and want to know what’s safe)

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