Pregnancy can often be a time of joy and emotion as you experience becoming a Mum.Dad to be With hormones raging, together with the enormity of the fact that your life will change forever, is it any wonder that insecurities start to be felt? That is just the Mums! While all the attention is on us, spare a thought for the Dads-to-be too!

Not only does he have to deal with his partner becoming a crazy woman, the notion of becoming a father is also one that creates anxiety as well as excitement. He may have his own worries and concerns such as whether he will be able to provide for you and the baby. Other common feelings include whether he will be a good Dad, or perhaps he will or won’t be as good a father as his own. Will sex with his partner ever be the same again? What if something prevents you getting to the hospital in time and he has to deliver the baby?

Although some of these concerns may seem irrational, (sound familiar?) they do add to the pressure that Dads-to-be feel. Having a baby means that he has to grow as a man, measure up and perform. So next time you notice your partner is a little quiet, do not take it personally. Just remember, he is experiencing the same roller-coaster of emotion as you are.

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