Channing Tatum gushes about babies on the Red Carpet

Were you lucky enough to see the ever-so-dreamy Channing Tatum walked the Oscars Red Carpet looking every-so-dreamy and bursting with pride alongside his stunning, pregnant wife Jenna?

As he rubbed his wife’s growing bump, he said that making the baby inside her tum was his “greatest production yet” and not any of his films.

Channing also revealed that he can’t wait for Jenna to give birth but is definitely enjoying the whole pregnancy phase (easy to say when he’s never been pregnant!) and says that pregnancy is “one of the sexiest things ever!”

He also admitted he is terrified but excited about the impending birth.

He said ‘I mean, I don’t think there’s one thing that doesn’t terrify you, but in the most unbelievably beautiful way. Someone said it’s really like watching your heart jump out of your body and run around, and I think that can possibly be the coolest thing that I’ve heard of.’

Everybody all together now.  Awww….

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