Breast feeding and the return to work


A versitile nursing work shirt

The honeymoon is coming to an end and now the time has come where you might be thinking about returning to work. Where does this leave breast feeding mothers and how do you continue breast feeding your child? It seems like a difficult task, but with a bit of planning it is possible to continue breast feeding.

Breast pumps are the answer! Use your pump to express any excess milk you have. This can be kept in the fridge (or even the freezer if you have plenty!) and can then be bottle fed to your child during the time you are at work.

If you work close to home, it may be possible to breastfeed during your lunch break. Some employers now offer nursing women options, such as flexible break times, to suit their feeding needs. If this is the case, then we recommend some smart nursing wear that looks ideal for work, yet at the same time has nursing access to save you time and make things easier. Also, no one wants to be stuck at work with full breasts that are ready to erupt, so downloadwearing nursing clothes allows you to siphon some of that extra milk off using your trusty breast pump. We recommend finding a quite spot to do so. Using your milking machine while sitting at your computer desk may raise an eyebrow or two! Also, make sure you label it with your name before putting it in the communal fridge. The last thing you want is your boss using it in his tea!

With a little bit of effort it is possible to continue with breast feeding whilst being at work. With honest communication with your employer, combined with the right nursing clothing and co-operation with child carers, you can continue for as long as you want!

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