A boy or girl for Kate & William?

On St Patrick’s Day, Kate Middleton, who is 5 months pregnant and due in July, made a public appearance revealing to the world that she’s hoping for a boy.  She also told one of the St Patrick’s Day parade guardsmen that William would like their “little grape” to be a girl.  When asked if they knew the gender of the royal baby-to-be, Kate replied “not yet.”




Yet less than 2 weeks earlier, when Kate was given a teddy bear from a young admirer, she may have slipped up when she was reportedly heard saying “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d–” cutting herself quickly from saying “daughter?”


Is she throwing a curve ball and trying to confuse the media?

Oh, the pressure of having a baby with millions of people wanting to know the details must be just too much sometimes. I know that I’m glad my pregnancy was just something to be shared amongst family and friends!

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