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Stylish Breastfeeding Tops You’ll Love for Winter 2017

It is the bane of almost every breastfeeding mum in Australia – finding breastfeeding tops that are affordable AND stylish. Eve of Eden nursing wear is not only sold at a discount to comparable brands but is modern, flattering and on-trend. It is also made from high quality stretchy cotton that will look good after many many washes.


Maternity / Breastfeeding Tops Never Looked So Cute. $71

Using a proper purpose-made breastfeeding top makes nursing SO much easier and so much more enjoyable. It means no more cold tummies in winter and also allows you to feed discreetly anytime, anywhere. Using breastfeeding tops for my second child and not my first made a world of difference – I really enjoyed breastfeeding and having cuddle time with my baby and I breastfed and extra six months compared to my first.

We have re-stocked all our best-selling favourites which sold out last winter and have added two new items that we know will fly off the shelves. Our white spotted nursing sweater will have your non-breastfeeding friends clamouring to get their hands on such a funky sweater. The press studs are popped open on the shoulder seam for instant breastfeeding access.


Sweet Blue & White Striped Maternity & Breastfeeding Top, $43.Sweet Blue & White Striped Maternity & Breastfeeding Top, $43.

Our breastfeeding tops which feature nursing access via the overlap under the bust are huge favourites with mums around Australia & NZ. In addition to this blue & white striped one, we have them in black & white stripes, charcoal & white. The stretchy cotton/elastane fabric means it can be worn during pregnancy and bre