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Why We Didn’t Have A Maternity Clothes Sale This Summer

This ruched blue T-shirt with a silver dandelion print is so cute and is only $29.

This ruched blue T-shirt with a silver dandelion print is so cute and is discounted to $29.

Emerald print maternity dress

Emerald print maternity dress – ideal for a summery weekend. Now $39!


We’ve always known that everyone loves a bargain and sale – hence the name of our website! So it may seem strange that we didn’t have announce a special sale this year. What we have decided to do instead is to keep prices on all our items, (regardless of whether they’re in our clearance section or not) as cheap as possible ALL YEAR ROUND. As a result, our margins are not as good compared to other maternity stores, especially since we are the only one to offer FREE shipping on any purchase, not matter how small. However, we’ve found that mums are so much happier this way – and that’s the way we like it. After all, who can really time getting pregnant and needing maternity clothes just as its sale season? This in turn, makes us happy and also gives us a huge sense of fulfilment when we get emails almost every week letting us know how brilliant our service is, as well as our products.

Just a note on service, did you know that if you are unsure of which size to go for, you can either call us or simply put your bust & hip measurement, bra size and pre-maternity size into our comments box when your order and we’ll select the best size for you? We are pretty much spot on 99% of the time when customers order this way.

We also wanted to draw attention to the fact that we have hardly raised prices on most of our items since we started. This is despite the Australian dollar falling sharply against the US dollar (which is the currency in which we make our purchases) and Australia Post’s prices increasing significantly all this time. We have also maintained the excellent quality of our fabrics and refuse to cut corners to reduce our costs. So, we hope you find our seriously gorgeous maternity clothes affordable throughout the year and keep returning to us when you have your second, third… or however many babies your love can encompass in the years to come.