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Best Summer Maternity Dress That Doubles As A Nursing Dress!

2-in-1 Ocean Stripes Maternity/Nursing Dress. On sale for $65.

2-in-1 Ocean Stripes Maternity/Nursing Dress. On sale for $65.

We are acutely aware that mums these days are in the mood for bargains when it comes to maternity wear. After all, you’re only going to be wearing these items for 7-8 months max right? Wrong! Chances are many of you will get so much joy from having the one child that you’ll go on to have two, three, four or more children. That translates into a fair amount of time you’ll be wearing maternity clothes. Now, add into the equation, the time that you are likely to be nursing your baby, let’s say a year which is a good amount of time to ensure your baby benefits from your incredibly nutritious breastmilk.

I know I wish I’d breastfed my first child for longer – it was around three months that I weaned her, This earlier weaning was partly due to post-natal anxiety but also due to finding it difficult to breastfeed in public. Come, my second child and OMG, it was so much easier being discreet when I actually wore proper breastfeeding tops and dresses! As a result, I breastfed him for eight months which was when I needed to go back to work. And how much did I enjoy breastfeeding with Ollie? It was a joy to hold him and have that special time and not be worried about prying eyes.

So, over time, we have increased our range of 2-in-1 maternity and nursing wear to not only encourage mums to breastfeed for longer, but to also make it more affordable. Our maternity come nursing dresses can be up to half as much as other brands, yet as you can see from our reviews, we don’t skimp on quality. Stretchy, soft fabrics that last many many washes enable our clothing to be worn for double the amount of time that an average maternity dress (that doesn’t have nursing access) would be worn. Our favourite one that we’ve got in stock this summer is the Ocean Stripes Dress pictured. If you love this one, you’ll probably love the one we have in black too.

Affordable Maternity Swimwear That’s Cute as Pie

Polka Dot & Stripe Maternity Tankini

This polka dot and stripe maternity tankini is a great fit and only $69.

We all know that keeping fit while you’re pregnant is not only good for mum but more and more research is showing that’s it’s beneficial to bub too. Swimming is one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise when you’re pregnant. The feeling of being in the water, especially on a hot summer’s day and taking the weight off your feet will have you feeling relaxed and will surprisingly feel you with more energy for the day.

The problem then is buying maternity swimwear that doesn’t break the bank. Unlike other maternity items which you can sometimes wear post-pregnancy or at least for breastfeeding, we are unlikely to want to wear our maternity bathers post-pregnancy. I’ve seen prices for some brands ranging up to the mid-$100s which is way too expensive. We aim to source maternity pieces for our online shop at prices that we ourselves would be happy to pay if we were pregnant (again).

This season we are selling a very cute polka dot and stripe tankini by Jojo Maman Bebe which is a great fit according to many UK mums. With an extra high belly band on the bottoms and adjustable straps, it’s been designed with comfort and style in mind. It’s only $69 including free shipping Australia-wide.

Emma Jane One Piece Maternity Swimsuit

Emma Jane one piece swimmers for only $57.

We are also stocking a cheaper pair of swimmers, this Emma Jane one-piece swimsuit in black. It’s only $57 and we love the cute double-strap crossover on the back plus the inner bra shelf. Great for swimming in but if you need more support across the bust, the above tankini would be a better choice.

Also, if you require your maternity swimwear in a hurry, express delivery is only $5.