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The Demise of Maternity Clothing Stores in Sydney

Although maternity clothes receive more media coverage and the market continues to grow, it may seem perplexing as to why maternity clothing stores are closing down. This is especially true in Sydney, Australia.

As a primarily online business, Maternity Sale have often pondered how we could possibly set up a store so that pregnant mums would be able to try on our clothes in a lovely environment with good advice on hand. Unfortunately, when we have done the sums as to rent and extra staff required plus the complication of trying to run the business simultaneously with being a mum, the figures don’t add up.

Already, the online shopping space is proving difficult for Australian retailers as more and more multi-national businesses not only set up shop here but ship their products to Australia often under the guise as an Australian business, disguising the true origins of their business by purchasing a dot com dot au domain. It is getting close to impossible for Australian businesses to compete on an equal footing when multi-nationals pay no GST, have significantly lower shipping costs and are prepared to make as little as $1 per garment sold (due to their volume).

From all the feedback we’ve had, we’ve found that Australian (and many New Zealand) mums love our clothes and we’d love to find a way to make it easier to access and try on our clothes. Fortunately, there are still some businesses in Melbourne whom have found a way to make it work, possibly due to lower rents than that of Sydney. Be sure to check out our stockist page if you are a Melbourne resident or are planning a holiday there.

In the meantime, we offer plenty of advice over the phone should you required extra assistance – we can even pick out the sizes that would best fit should you provide your bust, hip measurement, bra size and height. Free delivery Australia-wide means that it can often be more convenient than traipsing around the shops.