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In praise of maternity leggings

Black maternity leggings

Black maternity leggings

Zooey Deschanel In Maternity Leggings

A pregnant Zooey Deschanel looks cute & comfy in leggings

Leggings have become an essential part of any modern woman’s fashion wardrobe this past decade. They are comfortable, can be dresses up or down but most of all, they make your pins look good when it starts to get cold!

Maternity wear should first and foremost be comfortable. Being on-trend and stylish is a close second in importance. Well, leggings, humble part of your wardrobe that they are, tick both of these boxes. When you’re not feeling you’re best, whether it be due to morning sickness or back aches and pains, comfort is key. Maternity leggings come up higher over your bump so that you don’t have elastic digging in to the bottom of your belly but also so that your belly stays warm and isn’t subject to those wintry chills. The best thing is that they will fit and feel fantastic no matter how much weight you have put on and where. They have lots of elastane in the fibre which makes it stretch in all directions.

Personally, I love leggings with a T-shirt dress or maternity shirt dress in winter. I’m not a huge fan of leggings being worn with a regular length top unless you’re at the gym or doing yoga- it can just show off the wrong sort of curves. 😮 A long top like our apple and pear print sweater works just fine. In fact this would be my go-to outfit for weekends. Team them with a pair of converse-style trainers and you’ll have mastered perfect maternity weekend chic.

We have a choice or grey marle or black leggings and cotton blend leggings for everyday wear or polyamide/elastane leggings for the gym. Our leggings are all much cheaper than other maternity leggings and come with free shipping (in Australia) of course!

We also stock maternity tights should you prefer a closed toe option. If you need a sheer look for work, we have nude 20 denier tights. If you need something a bit thicker that is fairly opaque, we have the Emma-Jane 60-denier tights available in both a plain and diamond pattern. As you can see, there are plenty of options for keeping warm in winter when you’re pregnant.