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Affordable Maternity Evening Dresses For The Party Season in Australia

Kate Middleton wearing an Alice Temperley dress during the first trimester of her second pregnancy

Kate Middleton wearing an Alice Temperley dress during the first trimester of her second pregnancy

Can you believe that we’re at that time of year again when you’re starting to plan what you’ll be wearing to Christmas and New Year parties? Not to mention, all those Spring weddings that have you wondering what to wear…

When I was pregnant, I’d be dreading this time of year as there were such limited choices available – everything was either very mumsy or simply not worth spending the money on. Not only would I only be wearing this dress when I was pregnant, quite possibly, I’d never wear it again during my pregnancy. Anything between $150-$400 was simply way too expensive in my opinion. However, we all know that we still want to look glamorous and gorgeous when we’re pregnant, just like Kate Middleton. Here, she’s relieved to be stepping out during her first trimester after experiencing severe morning sickness. And, she looks divine in this edgy, on-trend Alice Temperley dress. Lucky for Kate, she’s still slim enough to wear a non-maternity option.

Lace Spot Maternity Dress

Lace Spot Maternity Dress

However, if you’re in the middle of your second or third trimester, you’re going to need something that will encompass  your new curves. Eve of Eden Maternity has a some fantastic inexpensive options that will make you feel all dressed up and ready to paint the town red (as long as you’re in bed before 12pm!)

Our favourite option is this delicate lace spot dress in royal blue. Like Kate, you’ll be right on trend with the lace insert. The beauty of this dress is that it’s only $76 which is less than half the price of most maternity evening dresses. It’s very cute and also wouldn’t look out of place if you wanted something special to wear to dinner or for even to work.


Breastfeeding and Evening Wear never worked so well together until this dress came along!

Breastfeeding and Evening Wear never worked so well together until this dress came along. All for just $72!

Two other options for mums who are breastfeeding is our Pink Tiered Maternity Evening Dress and the Black/Gold Crossover Dress. The former allows you to nurse your baby discreetly through the under layer having hidden gaps in the fabric. The front of the crossover dress can be pulled to either side and the modestly layer underneath lifted up for breastfeeding.

Thankfully, it’s now easier than ever to shop for maternity evening dresses online in Australia without breaking the bank!

Wacky Ways to Kick Start Your Labour


Many of us enjoy being pregnant but some of us just can’t wait to give birth (especially if we’re overdue or feel like a beached whale) and will do some unusual things to encourage baby to arrive into the world sooner.

I have previously blogged about natural ways to bring on labour and recently I read an interesting article about Wacky Ways to kick start your labour.

Here are the combined set of tips on how to help you reach your due date!

  • Spicy Foods -Eating spicy curries or foods with chilli or cinnamon can be warming and many women have said that the heat has brought on their labour
  • Sex- you’ve probably all heard about this one! Hubby will be happy too!
  • Pelvic floor exercises -apparently stimulating the pelvis can help with uterine contractions.
  • Steaming coffee grounds- this is a very unusual method where you place a plastic bowl in the toilet, put some ground coffee into it, pour hot water on top and,  squat over the bowl and steam ‘down below’ for about 20 minutes. Sounds a bit weird to me!
  • Acupuncture which has been used for centuries is apparently meant to help stimulate uterine contractions to induce labour. Not into needles? then try Reflexology which works in a similar fashion.
  • Watching a scary, comical or emotional movie can apparently assist in releasing emotions and relax or scare you so baby’s arrival is faster!
  • Galloping like a horse, curb walking (walking with one foot on the curb and one on the ground) or bumpy car rides.
  • We don’t really recommend any methods to bring on your labour! But found some of these methods quite amusing!

Has anyone had any success coaxing baby out using a weird or wacky technique? We’d love to hear your experiences!


Celebrity Pregnancy – Who’s pregnant now?

Blake Lively announces her pregnancy

Blake Lively announces her pregnancy

It’s always fun having a peek at what pregnant celebrities are up to – especially what they’re wearing. Our favourite pic this week is Blake Lively’s pregnancy announcement. We love the lens flare, the outfit and and the contemplative, tender pose.

Kristen Bell show off her baby bump in a classic black dress

Kristen Bell show off her baby bump in a classic black dress


Kristen Bell, pregnant with baby number 2 shows off her bump beautifully in this simple cross-over halter neck dress.

Meanwhile, the most famous celebrity bump of all, Kate Middleton is yet to be seen out and about during her second pregnancy due to severe morning sickness. She’s reportedly retreated to her parents house for some TLC. Definitely a good time to get looked after by mum!

Zoe Saldana is expecting twins and is encouraging mums to embrace their baby bump! Absolutely – there is nothing more beautiful than a glowing mum who is celebrating her new pregnancy curves.