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Kim Kardashian versus Evan Rachel Wood’s maternity style

Well, firstly, some fashionistas out there would have said that Kim Kardashian has demonstrated zero maternity style since she’s stepped out as a pregnant lady. What we think may be the problem is that she hasn’t worked out HOW to adapt her style to her new pregnant shape.

As these pictures here show, Kim is wearing clothes so tight around her belly that¬†anyone who’s been prengnat before is thinking, ‘OUCH,¬†how totally uncomfortable she and her foetus must be feeling’.

Kim Kardashian pregnant

Kim Kardashian in uncomfortable maternity fashion

In the first outfit, she looks like she’s been wrapped in leather cling film which is the most ridiculous choice for fabric in maternity wear. In her second outfit, she’s cinched in her waist. Now, pretty quickly, we all have to come to terms with the fact that our waist disappears while we’re pregnant. It seems like Kim is still working out that your new waistline is just under your bust.

Let’s compare her to Evan Rachel Wood’s maternity style. In this pic below, she looks just so comfortable in her own skin. This is the sign of someone who has fully owned their pregnancy and knows what works for her.

Evan Rachel Wood looks chilled out during her pregnancy













This isn’t to say she’s not concerned with fashion. The pic below show how she knows how to turn up the volume when she wants to flaunt her gorgeous pregnancy shape.

Evan Rachel Wood in an evening maternity dress

Evan Rachel Wood shows how maternity style is done