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Maternity clothes photoshoot


Hi, I’ve just uploaded a video of our maternity clothes photoshoot on youtube. Our model Emily is so gorgeous, I think she looks like a pregnant Miranda Kerr who has dyed her hair blonde.

Emily in strapless blue maternity dress

She just looks so naturally beautiful – here’s a shot of her in our neighbour’s garden wearing the strapless maternity dress in blue. Our photographer, Sarah Callister did such a great job with the photography too – she has a real knack of getting the lighting just right for the clothes and model. You might be interested to know that Sarah, who is based in Sydney is available to take photos of your beautiful babies once they arrive.

Tips for summer maternity fashion

Hurray! I’ve had an article published on ezine articles called “Maternity Clothing – Affordable and Stylish Maternity Dresses for Summer”. It doesn’t just cover maternity clothing tips for summer but also includes tips on how to hide your bump before you’re ready to tell everyone about your pregnancy.

My due date is actually today but I seriously doubt that the baby is going to come along today – besides I’ve got too much work (including housework – boring!) to be done today. Its my only day of babysitting this week as childcare is on holidays so today is SO PRECIOUS!

I’ll soon be getting samples for winter clothing – yes, I’m having to think a long way ahead at the moment and I’m quite excited to see them. Its hard to imagine thinking about winter clothes at the moment when the sun is shining but I imagine I’ll have little time to think about it when the baby arrives next week. If you’re thinking about winter maternity clothes already, I’ve got a winter maternity skirt at a super cheap clearance price of $48 I could recommend.

Getting ready to do it all over again

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day. We certainly did – my mum and dad made sure we were all looked after really well. This year felt even more festive as Amber (2½) is now old enough to appreciate Christmas and the excitement it brings. It was also the first day that Rob and I had had a chance to relax in ages. All our spare time lately has been taken up with starting up Maternity Sale.

I think all of us were glad that there were no signs of the baby arriving on Christmas day although I’ve always been convinced that the baby would arrive late. Amber was 10 days overdue and still didn’t want to come out (even after being induced).

After my last consultation with my obstetrician, I realised I would have to come to terms with the fact that a natural birth was again unlikely. After having a caesarean the first time round, I really wanted to try for a natural birth, in the hope that the recovery would be a bit quicker. However, the size of the baby in relation to the size of my pelvis means that the head has not engaged (am due on the 29th Dec) and, as a result the baby just can’t get its head to fit.

My obstetrician did say with a smile, that the only way I might ever have a natural birth is to have a smaller baby which might only be achieved with a different father.  It seems that the probably of having a larger than average baby are higher when the baby is Eurasian or mixed race.

Interestingly, once you’ve had a caesarean the first time round, inducing subsequent babies is just too great a risk in terms of the uterus tearing so my only options are to go into labour naturally or have another caesarean. So, looks like 5th January is going to be the day our lives change forever again!

Thank you

I’d like to thank all my friends for spreading the word about maternity sale. Its been a crazy time, going live just before Christmas and just before the baby is due (29th Dec!). I hope all our friends have a lovely Christmas and for those of you going away, that you arrive safely.
I’m hoping that Rob and I will actually be able to relax for a couple of days this Christmas and NOT think about work. I think the only really Christmassy thing Rob and I have done in the last few weeks has been going to the Cargowise Christmas party.

Christmas masquerade party

It was alot of fun, dressing up for a masquerade although it was pretty easy to guess that it was me with my very large bump. I ended up wearing the purple halter neck maxi dress which worked quite well as a maternity evening dress when I teamed it with a pair of heels. (Have to say that the heels did end up killing my feet that night, carrying an extra 12kgs on my bump at the moment!)
I’d also like to thank my first customer for their purchase. I’m sure they will love the maternity wrap dress and I’ve sent them a little discount voucher either for themselves or for one of their friends.

Excited and a little bit nervous

Only 1.5 weeks till we launch! Its exciting seeing our new maternity clothing business coming together now, especially after our photo shoot last weekend with Emily. She looked so gorgeous in all the clothes as will all of you beautiful pregnant mums-to-be out there. Hopefully our beautiful maternity clothes will bring a smile to your lips (even when you’re in the depths of morning sickness) – especially when you can buy any item from our stunning range of maternity dresses at sale prices anytime of the year all from the comfort of your home.

Our fabulous skinny maternity jeans arrived on Friday and as you can see, Emily looks fabulous in them. They look just like normal maternity jeans, but have a really comfy belly band to give your bump room to grow.

Emily modelling maternity skinny jeans

Its also an exciting time of the year, as I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child. I know, I know, its completely crazy launching a business 2.5 weeks before I’m due to give birth but sometimes life just spirals a bit out of control. However, If I hadn’t been pregnant, I wouldn’t have realised how dismal the offerings were for affordable and beautiful maternity wear. Plus, I wouldn’t have been able to try on the clothes we were getting made and get the sizing and styling just right so it not only looks great but is super comfortable to wear.

Meanwhile, there’s my little girl, Amber to entertain. We’ve been doing our usual arts and craft today, making a birthday card and wrapping paper for her little friend’s birthday party tomorrow. Its wonderful seeing her concentration span expand so that we can enjoy more activities together. She always gets super excited about parties as it’s the only time she’s allowed any cake. I wasn’t sure about this rule of my husband’s, when we first discussed it, but its made life so much easier. She’s still a fussy eater but at least we don’t have tantrums from a toddler demanding treats all the time.