Stylish Maternity Swimwear

Choosing the right style of swimwear when you have a blossoming belly can often be tricky.

Selma Blair shows her growing bump in a bikini

There are those of us who enjoy showing off our baby bumps and feel totally comfortable strolling along the beach in a two piece bikini. There may be times though where you want to cover up a little more. This is where the one-piece swimsuits and tankinis play their part. Whilst bikinis may look great on the beach, they might not be quite as suitable for a maternity pool exercise class at the gym!

We have a great range of maternity swimwear to suit your style

Maternity swimwear is great as it is designed to accommodate your changing shape and gives you support in all the right areas, such as providing a gentle lift to your tummy and a proper fit for your bust.  The right swimwear will last you throughout your pregnancy, and often future pregnancies too, and there are some hot styles around that celebrate and enhance your curves, rather than trying to minimise them. Check out our fantastic selection of swimwear designed for all occasions.

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