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At last! Stylish Chlorine-resistant Maternity Swimwear

Here at Maternity Sale, we LOVE to hear your feedback. We’ve heard how many of your want swimmers that will last your entire pregnancy, even if you’re doing laps a couple of times a week in chlorinated pools. And that’s great! We all know how important it is to keep your fitness up while you’re pregnant and swimming is ideal as it’s low impact and unlikely to be risky in any way.

Chlorine Resistant Swimmers - they last the distance!Chlorine Resistant Swimmers – they last the distance! $79 including free delivery.

So, we’ve been scouting and unfortunately, there are slim pickings. However, we have at last found a pair of swimmers that is not only chlorine-resistant but guaranteed by Zoggs, the manufacturer for the lifetime of the swimmers. I’ve owned Zoggs swimmers for a few years now – I find them perfect for swimming and the quality is fantastic. They also produce a Swimshapes range which is designed to support and enhance your figure. These Hayman swimmers are part of that range. They are $79 and much more expensive than our other styles but they will LAST! Were I pregnant again, I would definitely go for this style. They have an attractive twist feature at the bust come in a lovely navy with white piping on the neckline and are lined under the front of the swimsuit.

Black Hayman maternity swimmers on sale at $49

Black Hayman maternity swimmers on sale at $49

For a limited time, until stock runs out, we also have the same style of swimmers available in black with pink piping. These ones are made from a slightly less durable fabric but should still last for your entire pregnancy should you take care of it by thoroughly rinsing it in cold water and soap after swimming in a chlorinated pool. As Zoggs are phasing this fabric out, to be replaced by the longer lasting one, these swimmers are now on sale for a bargain price of $49 including shipping within Australia.