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Too hot or too cold?

Keeping cool in the summer

Keeping cool in the summer

I often hear of mums feeling the heat when they’re pregnant. Australian summers can sometimes be unbearable when trying to control the temperature of your body when you’re pregnant! However, did you know that mums who are pregnant throughout winter can also feel the cold more than the average person?

Having experienced pregnancies in both seasons, I can attest to both. To me, it felt easier to bear the heat in summer as I would often find it was a great reason to go swimming (and keep my fitness up at the same time.) The way I see it is that your body is working so hard to make a baby, it doesn’t have the extra ability to control temperatures. It also seems like your immune system isn’t up to its usual standards as I’ve never had as many colds as I did when I was pregnant.

Here are a few tips for controlling your body temperature.

In winter:

1. Wear lots of layers rather than 1 heavy coat. Our light-weight cardigans are perfect for this.

2. Use a hot water bottle to warm up your bed as it can take ages to get to sleep when your body is working hard to get you to the right temperature

3. Make sure you have a couple pairs of maternity leggings to keep those pins warm. Again, they are something that are easy to take off should you suddenly get too hot.

4. Invest in a warm dressing gown – it will be the best thing you ever bought as you’ll be using it all the time for those night feeds once your baby is born.

In summer

1. Wear maternity clothes in natural, breathable fabrics, such as cotton, viscose, and bamboo. Our maternity/ nursing singlets are the perfect options.

2. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water. Your baby is constantly taking fluids from you so you need to top up all the time. Watermelon is also fantastic – boosts your fluids and the sugar can give you a boost of energy.

3. Swim but go to the beach early or late in the afternoon

4. Have a cold compress handy for days that turn out to be a heatwave

4. When travelling on public transport, try and grab a seat near a window

5. If you simply can’t cool down and don’t have air conditioning, visit a shopping centre! Sounds crazy but it was my favourite place to visit in the summer.




Daring to hope…

Double lines = Pregnant!

Double lines = Pregnant!

Ok, so I couldn’t handle the waiting – I cheated! Three days before our blood test I got a courtesy call from our lovely nurse at Genea. I had to ask, “Would a home urine test show positive anyway because of all the hormones?” “No, you’d be clear by now”. I barely hung up the phone before I started pulling out our bathroom draws – surely from all the years that we had been trying I had a spare home pregnancy test! Got one! I nervously went through the motions that I had gone through many times before with late periods, waiting, and watching as the first pink line appeared. Then accompanied with a squeal, a second pink line appeared! We’ve got double bars!! I knew this wasn’t a guarantee that we were pregnant, but it felt so good!

The morning of the blood test I was at the clinic before the doors opened. Three hours later our nurse from Genea called; I’m sure I was sweating! “How are you?” I asked our nurse, to which she replied, “I’m fabulous, and so are YOU!” I couldn’t help the screams of excitement that followed. What a great result from a procedure that has less than a 30% success rate. Of course, we’re not out of the woods yet. We’re about half way through our first trimester. My tips – get the flu shot before starting IVF, and really look after yourself with rest & staying away from germs. I did get the flu shot, but for the past week I’ve been in bed with an awful flu, and there’s not much I could do about it.

Do I worry about getting through this next stage? Of course I do. But, apart from having a good diet and getting enough sleep, there’s nothing I can do to guarantee the success of our little one. Giving up control is hard, but in the words of Bob Marley, “everything’s gonna be alright”, and I’m sure it will be.

Belinda’s waiting game – keeping calm & staying positive

Well, isn’t that easier said than done! One of the five eggs harvested made it to the blastocyst stage. According to the scientist it was perfect, so our embryo transfer went ahead as scheduled. Again, so exciting! I loved seeing our little blastocyst (aka bubba) under the microscope then being vacuumed into a tube, the scientist yelling, “got it” and then, “clear” after it was returned to its home in my hopefully inviting uterus. That day you couldn’t keep the smile of my face. And I could feel stuff happening, down there. But the next day, my emotions dipped, I couldn’t feel anything, and I panicked, “what if it doesn’t work out?” For the past week I have crashed back and forth from both of those emotions, excited – panicked – excited – panicked – excited, THIS IS EXHAUSTING! I’ve been looking for signs of life, but there is no way to be sure, and there’s nothing I can do to control the outcome. The nurses are silent, the scientists have done their part, and everything seems awfully quiet. In hindsight, I would have organised more relaxing activities and stress-free times during the waiting period (I have had a decent bout of ovary discomfort and pain too). So at least I know for next time, but deep down, I’m hoping that there won’t need to be a next time, and that in another 4 days I’ll be cheering down the phone as the nurse gives me the good news; “bubba’s settled in & is still growing”.