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The dreaded IVF, or so they say!

This is a guest post by Belinda, one of our lovely staff at Maternity Sale. She is trying IVF for the first time and here’s the first part of her journey and we hope that all her hopes and dreams come true.

A gorgeous baby is what every mum who goes through IVF is hoping for

A gorgeous baby is what every mum who goes through IVF is hoping for

After nearly 3 years of trying for a baby, and my biological clock ticking even closer to 40, we decided it was time to pursue a bit of fertility help. After a brush with a fertility naturopath (I so didn’t want to go down the ivf road), it was recommended that we would need ICSI.

If you’re about to start the ivf journey, as a female, you’ll go through numerous tests, and unlike my husband, none of them had a happy ending!! I won’t lie, the internal ultrasound to check if my tubes were open was awful. Awful! But I hear it’s not the same for all women. Aside from that little nasty, the rest of the process has been exciting. It could be the extrovert in me that loves being around people, and you’ll be around lots of nurses, doctors, and receptionists; or it could be igniting my adventurous side that loves to try new things. Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I would be able to give myself 3 injections daily, but I did it, and if I’m really honest, it didn’t really hurt that much (but don’t tell hubby, I got a lot of extra sympathy during the injection phase 😉 ). You’ll need that sympathy for the mood swings though (I had one day that we refer to as the Hulk Day), and the hormonal pimples that will start appearing – thank god it’s winter and I could hide most of mine under a wooly scarf!

So yesterday, after watching my follicles grow on a couple of ultrasounds, my eggs were ready to be harvested. I loved going over the process with the scientists, yes that’s right, scientists are helping to create our baby – how cool! And they had picture cards to go along with their explanations. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. We were about to, possibly, make a baby!

The process of harvesting the eggs is all over in a flash, and I barely remember it thanks to the wonderful anti-anxiety & pain killer medication they administer. As the doctor is extracting the fluid he passes it onto the scientist who starts the search for eggs. As she finds them she shouts out, “got one…got two…three” and so on, just like a game of bingo! I don’t remember past number 2, but apparently we got 5 good healthy mature eggs (the average is 10). Exciting!

Once we leave the scientists get to work injecting the sperm into the eggs, and seeing which ones will fertilise. I asked our scientist to talk to our eggs, gently and encouragingly, so that they would fertilise. Apparently 3 were listening. Waiting for the call from the nurses the following day is so exciting, and provided all goes well, I’ll get to see our little fertilised egg before they implant it back in a few days, where I hope it will nestle in, and continue to grow until it becomes a beautiful little bubba.


What to wear after a c-section

A simple stretchy shirt will not press on your tummy.

A simple stretchy shirt will not press on your tummy.

So you’ve had a c-section. Whether it was elective or an emergency, you now have a large wound that takes some time to heal. It is sore and the last thing you want is anything pressing on it. This raises a dilemma… what can you wear that feels comfortable? Even some of your old maternity clothes will cause irritation. During the first week of healing, you are likely to be home much of the time as you recover and get to know your new baby. Underwear that you can raise above your scar and over your bump, although not glamorous, will feel much nicer than ordinary knickers. Wear comfortable nightwear or long dresses that do not have any kind of structure to the waste. Many people recommend post-partum belly bands to give support to your tummy muscles as they heal. They also have the added benefit of stopping any direct contact between you clothes and your scar, making it more comfortable to wear clothing with waist bands. As your healing progresses you will need to start going places, even if it is just a quick trip to the shops. We recommend a stretchy skirt that, again, you can wear above your waist line. Long length tops combined with leggings also look good and will be comfortable to wear. We have a wide range of clothing that is ideal for wearing after a c-section, so check out our store now!