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It’s all in the jeans…

Selma Blair looks relaxed in her cropped boyfriend style maternity jeans

Jeans have long been a staple wardrobe item and are a great way to create many stylish looks. You can dress then up with heels, go casual with flats and a t-shirt or wear under a dress to keep warm. ┬áToday’s maternity jeans give you all the versatility of normal jeans, but are designed with your comfort in mind. Getting the right fit is really important to making your jeans feel like a second skin. There is nothing more irritating than jeans where the waistband feels too tight, that end up halfway down your butt when you sit or jeans that you have to keep hitching up throughout the day.

It is worth spending a little extra on a good quality, great pair of maternity jeans as they will last you throughout your pregnancy and for many months after as you get back in shape. Some can be worn under your bump, some over you bump to provide some gentle support and others feature stretchy panels to accommodate your growing belly and hips. See our fantastic collection of maternity jeans in a selection of designs and colours and find your style now! With straight leg, skinny fit and looser boyfriend jeans, you don’t need to compromise on fashion!


The Babes Project

The Babes Project

The Babes Project is located in Melbourne, Australia and was set up to provide much needed support for pregnant women who are facing a time of uncertainty in life. Many women become pregnant and do not feel like they are in the right place in their lives to have a baby or do not feel they can meet the needs of a child. All too often, advice given by doctors is to terminate the pregnancy.

The Babes Project offers help and support to those women who are unsure about their future as a parent. They show them that there are other options available and keep on supporting them as they continue with pregnancy, give advice on adoptions or to help them as they become mothers. They create safe places where women can learn the valuable life skills needed to be a great mum.

This important project needs the support of the community. We have donated a carton of clothing to help their cause and you can help too! Check out their Facebook page for more details. These women deserve the best advice and their babies deserve the best start in life.