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What do pregnant women want for Christmas?

Being pregnant at Christmas can make it an even more special time of year. If you are looking for gift ideas for a certain pregnant someone, then we have some inspiration!

Pregnant women want comfort! Anything that helps them relax or soothe away aches will certainly be appreciated. Some snuggly knitwear, a cosy blanket or a special pillow will do the trick.

Skincare goodies. Pregnancy hormones do strange things to your skin and hair. A selection of quality skincare or hair products and treatments are sure to be an ideal gift.

A piece of jewellery will be popular with most women, not just the pregnant ones! It is probably best to avoid rings due to getting the size right and taking into account the tendency for fingers to swell during pregnancy. A necklace or bracelet count be engraved with some meaningful words to mark this important time of her life.

Clothing. Pregnant women are constantly changing shape, so finding clothes that fit and look good is always a challenge. Here at maternitysale, we offer a fantastic selection of gift vouchers, so you can let your pregnant friend choose exactly what she wants… and we all know how important that is!



Why is breastfeeding in public still an issue?

It seems like a ridiculous thing that in this day and age, breastfeeding in public still causes controversy. In a culture where we see breasts on display in newspapers, magazines and advertising, why does the natural act of feeding one’s baby cause offence in some people? Much of it comes down to embarrassment. We have become so used to accepting the way that women’s breast are seen as sexual, that when we see one on display feeding a baby, it creates a similar sense of the taboo.
Some women are happy to breastfeed in public and couldn’t care less about other people’s opinions on the subject. Other women want to feed in public, but do not want to feel uncomfortable about how other people react to it. If you are one of those women, then we have some tips.

breast feeding in public can be as discreet as you want it to be.

  • It is natural to feel a little self-conscious the first few times you do it.
  • Practice in front of a mirror so you can see what the public would see. You will be surprised at how covered up your breasts actually are.
  • Dress appropriately so you have good access to your milk factory with minimal fumbling!
  • A proper feeding bra is essential for discreet feeding.
Breastfeeding in public is your right! It is only when more people stand up (or sit down!) and do it that it becomes more normalised in our society.