Monthly Archives: February 2013

Noisy children no longer tolerated

Last week, a shopping centre in the heart of Sydney’s northern beaches divided the nation by introducing a new policy stating that screaming children would not be tolerated in their food court area because of customer and staff complaints about noise levels.  See here for the full story.

I have three kids, all of whom are loud. Put them all together and it’s loud x 3.  My kids are pretty good overall and generally well behaved, but if they are carrying on and making more noise than what I think is acceptable or appropriate, I try and be considerate and remove them and myself from the situation. And this is pretty much all parents in general – we are active (mindful) parents who want to share public spaces amicably and respectfully with both those who do and don’t have children.

Sometimes, there does seem to be a small percentage of parents who seem to be ignoring their screaming children and make parents in general look bad. If we want to have a better society, shouldn’t we show our kids consideration, boundaries and discipline? We think that this in turn will make people not groan when they see kids in a public space but welcome them.