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Stylish maternity dress

Choosing the BEST maternity size for you – your COMPLETE guide

We get so many queries from first-time mums on how to choose the right sizes in maternity clothes that we thought we’d publish a few tips on choosing the best maternity clothes for your changing shape. Obviously, you want to get the most wear out of your clothes during your pregnancy. Its also difficult to know exactly how much your belly will grow. Contrary to what many other maternity size guides say, many of us do put on more weight on areas other than our belly while we’re pregnant. (Some of us even lose some weight initially due to severe morning sickness.)

When buying maternity clothes online, you just need to have your measurements ready to find the best size. Firstly, we recommend you buy or borrow a tape measure if you haven’t already got one. (They have free ones in IKEA so keep one of these on you if you can.) Take a look at our maternity clothes size chart for details on how to take your measurements.

Once you’ve taken your measurements, work out which size would be best for you. Remember, the hips and the bust are the most important measurements as your waist will expand rapidly. If these measurements are more in line with the large size (or even halfway between your normal size and the next size up) compared to your pre-pregnancy size, don’t despair! This is common and you’ll end up feeling better about it all if you accept this and remember many other mums are in the same boat.

If you really can’t get hold of a tape measure, then we suggest the following test.  Put on a pair of pre-pregnancy  jeans without doing them up. See how they feel around your hips – are they way too tight or still a good fit? If they’re way too tight such that you can’t get them onto your hips, then definitely go up a size. For tops, if you are much larger in the bust and are much larger than a cup size of approximately DD, then in general, you should consider going up a size.

If you are on the tall side (5’8) or more, take care to check the length of the dresses. All our pants are generally 81cm on the inside leg seam. If you think some of the dresses you like may be too short, add a pair of leggings and you’ll be able to get away with a shorter dress. Anyway, we believe that showing a bit of leg while you’re pregnant is not such a bad thing. Just check out this photo of Jenna Elfman who so stylishly shows off a bit of leg AND a bit of shoulder!


Stylish maternity dress

Jenna Elfman in a stylish off-shoulder maternity dress


A great piece of advice I once heard was to buy a few basic items at the start of your pregnancy and top up as you go along. When you live in Australia, you generally go through a summer and winter anyway so you’ll want clothes to match the seasons as your pregnancy progresses. This also allows you to gauge whether you’ve put on a bit more weight in other areas, especially your bottom (hips) and bust.

We try to give mums as much information as possible in our sizing information for each product. Make sure you read this information and compare it to clothing you already own. If you’re still in doubt, email of call us and we’ll be happy to give you further advice on the items you wish to purchase.

Kid-friendly AND parent-friendly venue!

Last weekend, we knew we had a list as long as our arm on things we had to do around the house as do most parents. However, we also had our young kids to entertain. How do you combine the two?

We decided to take the kids to Bunnings with us and what a successful trip it turned out to be! We visited the new super-sized Bunnings at Artarmon as as we needed plants, lights, wall brackets and wanted to check out their paving options. Our kids were excited from the moment we reached the front entrance – they had spotted the mini shopping trolley. Unfortunately, there was only one so a bit of a scuffle broke out amongst them. So, a definite area of improvement would be to get a few more of these trolleys – they’re almost as rare as hen’s teeth there. Our littlest one was somewhat consoled with the second-place of getting a shopping basket which he could hardly lift.

Then, we reached the playground which looked like lots of fun to me but turned out to be a bit scary for our 4 year old daughter who doesn’t like living on the more risky side of life. Our 1 year old son would have been more than happy to clamber about but he couldn’t get up the steps. There were a few distractions that kept him going for a little while within the playground.

However, the absolute highlight of the trip for the kids was the FREE face painting. They seem to have trained up their young employees to produce small works of art on kids’ faces. They’re not at all bad and actually have quite alot of patience for the little mites. (The one who painted Ollie’s face didn’t even flinch at his crusty snot that I had neglected to clean up!) And, waiting for your turn isn’t a problem either as they have plenty of drawing and painting materials available to entertain youngsters.

Free toddler face painting at Bunnings

Our little 'butterfly' and our little 'patch' doggie with their dad, Rob

We too, had a good laugh at the results and managed to pick up all the things we wanted. Our four year old had such a good time she can’t wait to go back. Now, if only they had someone who could babysit while we did all our DIY, we’d be in DIY heaven!

To check out kids activities at Bunnings, visit



Wine red knotted maternity dress

Winter indulgence

Isn’t it getting cold now that winter has really kicked in! However, it’s time to enjoy the colder weather – warming winter fires, hot chocolates (which even pregnant mums can fully indulge in) and shopping for a new winter wardrobe! To help you enjoy this last , very important winter indulgence we have new stock arriving mid-July.

We recently completed a photoshoot  of some of our new items and were so excited to have the absolutely gorgeous and ever so stylish shoe designer Alina Van model our clothes. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the maternity clothes she modelled. And if you love the shoes she’s wearing, make sure you head to

Wine red knotted maternity dress

Alina modelling our new knotted maternity dress in wine-red

One of my favourite dresses that we’ve ever had in our shop is this wine-red knotted dress. It looks amazing on bodies with beautiful bumps. The empire line and draping of this dress make it a dress to be seen in – whether its at work or a special function. It even looks gorgeous when you’re no longer pregnant  so its a must-have for your maternity wardrobe. Alina is seven months pregnant and it fits her beautifully.

Black maternity nursing dress

Alina modelling our simple but stylish maternity/nursing contour dress

Another favourite that is guaranteed to be a wardrobe favourite is our fitted black maternity dress in ¾ sleeves. Another practical dress that goes with anything, looks fantastic for many occasions and doubles up as a nursing dress. (It has a clever overlap under the bust which separates for easy breastfeeding.)

Black maternity tunic/vest

Part of our current winter range – the maternity tunic worn with our skinny black cargo pants

In the meantime, make sure you stock up on warm winter woollies like this chic maternity vest/tunic. It was a favourite of mine when I was pregnant and best thing is I can still wear it now. We wish Alina all the best with the birth of her new baby who is sure to be a beautiful as she is.