What’s new: Maternity & Nursing Cardigan Plus Stylish Nursing Dresses by Jojo Maman Bebe

With all this rain we’ve been getting on the east coast, it now seems timely to think about getting some new pieces to prepare for the cooler season ahead. In fact, the 4-way breastfeeding and nursing cardigan arrived in our shop a little while ago but it seemed totally ridiculous to be doing a post on it during the heat and humidity of February.

4-way Maternity & Nursing cardigan in black, $71.

4-way Maternity & Nursing cardigan in black, $71.



It has been selling like hotcakes in the last 2 weeks or so and no wonder. You can wear it four different ways and it has a lovely relaxed feel that just makes you feel so at ease in the cooler weather. We also like the fact that you can breastfeed discreetly with the aid of this cardigan by doing up a button on the collar. It’s made by UK brand Jojo Maman Bebe who are known for great quality at affordable prices.

Stylish Breton Striped Breastfeeding Dress in Black & Ecru, $69 including free delivery.

Stylish Breton Striped Breastfeeding Dress in Black & Ecru, $69 including free delivery.

We’re also stocking this stylish nursing dress by the same brand. The overlap of the top layer hides easy & discreet nursing access via the slits on the under layer. Dress it up for the office or go for funky weekend style by teaming it with a pair of white sneakers. We wanted to get more stock in the navy & ecru colourway but the manufacturer is sold out for the next few months so we’ve brought it in, in black & ecru stripes which is equally stylish. However, we’ve only got limited stock so make sure you order one before it sells out!

Stylish Breastfeeding Tops You’ll Love for Winter 2017

It is the bane of almost every breastfeeding mum in Australia – finding breastfeeding tops that are affordable AND stylish. Eve of Eden nursing wear is not only sold at a discount to comparable brands but is modern, flattering and on-trend. It is also made from high quality stretchy cotton that will look good after many many washes.


Maternity / Breastfeeding Tops Never Looked So Cute. $71

Using a proper purpose-made breastfeeding top makes nursing SO much easier and so much more enjoyable. It means no more cold tummies in winter and also allows you to feed discreetly anytime, anywhere. Using breastfeeding tops for my second child and not my first made a world of difference – I really enjoyed breastfeeding and having cuddle time with my baby and I breastfed and extra six months compared to my first.

We have re-stocked all our best-selling favourites which sold out last winter and have added two new items that we know will fly off the shelves. Our white spotted nursing sweater will have your non-breastfeeding friends clamouring to get their hands on such a funky sweater. The press studs are popped open on the shoulder seam for instant breastfeeding access.


Sweet Blue & White Striped Maternity & Breastfeeding Top, $43.Sweet Blue & White Striped Maternity & Breastfeeding Top, $43.

Our breastfeeding tops which feature nursing access via the overlap under the bust are huge favourites with mums around Australia & NZ. In addition to this blue & white striped one, we have them in black & white stripes, charcoal & white. The stretchy cotton/elastane fabric means it can be worn during pregnancy and bre



The Cheap, Chic & Cheerful Maternity Clothing Sale


Minty Maxi Maternity Dress, now only $41.

It’s time to clear the decks, make way for the New Year and our new season arriving at the beginning of February. So, we’ve reduced the prices even further on many of our already reduced sale items… There are now even greater bargains to be had like our minty maxi maternity dress for $41. We love it as it can be worn with straps or as a strapless dress (just tuck the straps in) and we even have a strapless nursing bra to go with it!


I think our best value discount would have to be this polka dot skater style skirt. It’s now $29 and is ever so cute and the belly band makes it super comfortable too. Hurry, we’ve already sold out of size 16 as this is written.

The best way to check out the best reductions we have online is to go to the clearance tab. Even though these items are now so cheap, we still provide free shipping for any item purchased from our shop. Plus, if they don’t suit, we are more than happy to exchange or return. Keep an eye out for our autumn/winter range from about the 2nd week of Feb.

Our Super Stylish 2-in-1 Maternity & Nursing Wear

Navy & Silver Striped  2-in-1 Maternity & Nursing Dress

Navy & Silver Striped 2-in-1 Maternity & Nursing Dress












Our Summer range of maternity and nursing wear has been selling so fast that we’ve hardly had a chance to catch our breath between sales! Hence the lateness of this post, even though our range dropped into our shop 2 months ago.

Our stand out best-seller has been this navy & silver striped cowl neck maternity dress. We’re guessing it’s not only the colour & style but also the discreet & easy breastfeeding access via the silver press studs on the shoulders. Or perhaps it’s also the combination of the modesty layer, the flattering shape or the lovely soft viscose fabric. If you would like one of these dresses, hop online now as there are only a few left in each size.


Navy & white scallop print maternity & nursing  dress, $65.Navy & white scallop print maternity & nursing dress, $65.

Another bestseller is this navy and white print dress. This dress is so fresh and perfect for summer. We like it paired with a pair of white sneakers for a totally modern look. Again, this dress features the easiest nursing access ever through the overlap under the bust. We always do our best to keep our range as affordable as possible as we know that there are just so many expenses that suddenly come into play when you have children. This dress is just $65 and you’ll get plenty of wear out of it through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Navy nursing T-shirt paired with white polka dot shorts.

Navy nursing T-shirt (37.80) paired with white polka dot shorts ($51).

Our other new item this season is this navy T-shirt which comes in our popular nursing style of the overlap under the bust. Beat the heat by teaming it with this pair of white polka dot maternity shorts for a totally cute summer look. The shorts are just so comfy with the elasticised belly band. You could even use them for your hospital stay in place of pyjama shorts.

We are constantly receiving compliments over our nursing range and we love it! We are always seeking to improve our products so if you ever have any feedback that can help us tweak our products to make them better, we’d also like to hear from you.


At last! Stylish Chlorine-resistant Maternity Swimwear

Here at Maternity Sale, we LOVE to hear your feedback. We’ve heard how many of your want swimmers that will last your entire pregnancy, even if you’re doing laps a couple of times a week in chlorinated pools. And that’s great! We all know how important it is to keep your fitness up while you’re pregnant and swimming is ideal as it’s low impact and unlikely to be risky in any way.

Chlorine Resistant Swimmers - they last the distance!Chlorine Resistant Swimmers – they last the distance! $79 including free delivery.

So, we’ve been scouting and unfortunately, there are slim pickings. However, we have at last found a pair of swimmers that is not only chlorine-resistant but guaranteed by Zoggs, the manufacturer for the lifetime of the swimmers. I’ve owned Zoggs swimmers for a few years now – I find them perfect for swimming and the quality is fantastic. They also produce a Swimshapes range which is designed to support and enhance your figure. These Hayman swimmers are part of that range. They are $79 and much more expensive than our other styles but they will LAST! Were I pregnant again, I would definitely go for this style. They have an attractive twist feature at the bust come in a lovely navy with white piping on the neckline and are lined under the front of the swimsuit.

Black Hayman maternity swimmers on sale at $49

Black Hayman maternity swimmers on sale at $49

For a limited time, until stock runs out, we also have the same style of swimmers available in black with pink piping. These ones are made from a slightly less durable fabric but should still last for your entire pregnancy should you take care of it by thoroughly rinsing it in cold water and soap after swimming in a chlorinated pool. As Zoggs are phasing this fabric out, to be replaced by the longer lasting one, these swimmers are now on sale for a bargain price of $49 including shipping within Australia.

Tips on buying maternity & nursing bras online

Micro Fibre Contour Nursing Bra

Micro Fibre Contour Nursing Bra

I was giving advice to a cousin the other day on maternity bras and realised that it’s the question that most mums need advice on when it comes to advice on maternity wear. When you’re a first time mum, it really is so hard to know how much your breasts will increase when breastfeeding. To make matters more complicated, we all want to have our hospital bags ready and packed before the big day. We definitely do not want to be worrying about bras when we’re half asleep and have a newborn to look after immediately post-birth. This means trying to estimate what bra size you will need when you first start breastfeeding.

The problem is that there are no hard and fast rules as to how much milk your breasts will produce as everyone is completely different. In general though, I would say that most mums go up a cup size (and sometimes a band size – the measurement around your body immediately below your bust). Then, when your milk first comes in and your baby is feeding fairly constantly, you will often go up another cup size (or two).

As your baby drops feeds, you will find your breasts generally going back to their non-pregnancy size. A good option when you are unsure of sizing is to opt for a bra such as our seamless nursing bra which covers off a few sizes with each size available e.g. the size M covers sizes 10E, 12B-C, 14A-B). We always get fantastic feedback on this bra – that is so comfortable even when you have sore, sensitive breasts.

Other bras such as the strapless nursing bra gives you so much more flexibility with what you can wear while the contour or lace trim bras give plenty of support which is ideal when your bust is on the larger side. Our bestselling bra by far are our nursing sports bras for mums who want plenty of support when they’re getting back into shape. For sleeping. a comfortable bra such as our nursing sleep bra (which is also very cheap at only $26) will help hold breast pads in shape so that any leaking milk doesn’t have you waking up when the sheets get damp.

We’ve made a real effort to source affordable maternity bras with easy nursing access as we’re aware these bras are a short term addition to your wardrobe. Having said that, they will go through many washes as leaking milk (even when you use breast pads) will mean you may go through 2 or 3 bras/day to begin with. As always, we offer free shipping with all our bras.

We are always ready to help out should you need advice and there is also our maternity bra size guide to use a reference.

Maternity Wear Sale – More Discounts On Clothes You Must Have!

Maternity clothing sale – these words are music to any mums ears given how costly some brands of maternity wear are. Better still, all you need to do is shop online from the comfort of your sofa and we’ll deliver your clothes right to your house.

We’ve decided to make some gorgeous pieces even MORE affordable than they normally are as well, we’re all about making pregnant (and breastfeeding) mums feel good about themselves.

Teal & Silver Maternity Dress

First up, is our teal and silver stripe dress. The colours will brighten up any winter wardrobe and the press studs on the shoulder seams add a cute dose of style to this dress. It’s now only $61 – just fantastic value.

Radiant Orchid Striped Maternity Dress

Radiant Orchid Striped Maternity Dress

Pink Tiered Maternity & Nursing Dress

Pink Tiered Maternity & Nursing Dress

We’ve also reduced the prices of our pink tiered maternity dress which also has nursing access. This is now $51 and the Eve of Eden radiant orchid dress has also been reduced to $63. Given our short and mild winters, these dresses are sure to get plenty of wear throughout most of the year. Keep your eye on the blog as we announce further discounts from time to time! Happy pregnancy!

On-Trend Printed Maternity Pants – our newest AFFORDABLE addition

Funky Maternity Pants For Work or Play

Funky Maternity Pants For Work or Play

Just as it’s always very exciting to get a new addition to the family, we’re very excited about the latest addition to our shop. (After all when you have your own business, it’s like having another baby that you want to nurture and grow).

Printed trousers are your must-have item when it comes to buying pants (or as the English like to say, trousers as pants mean underpants to them!) this season. These maternity pants are made from a lightweight fabric which is ideal for mild Australia winters. We envisage them mixing and matching perfectly with either our white long-sleeve maternity top, our ruched black maternity top or our white maternity/ nursing singlet. Pull on a pair of beige or black ankle boots and you’ll be one trendy yummy mummy.

They’re very comfortable with a soft, stretchy belly band and a flattering slim fit. As with all our clothing, these pants are perfectly affordable at $67 which includes free shipping. Best of all, they’re very versatile and are smart enough for work or casual wear.

Save Money On Maternity Tops That Double As Nursing Tops!

We live in an age where all of us are always thinking of clever ways to save money and make our dollar go further. Well, if I knew now what I knew back when I was pregnant, I would have saved myself a whole lot of money!


The perfect maternity and nursing top for just $43.

he perfect maternity and nursing top for just $43.

This top makes breastfeeding in public so much easier!

And it makes breastfeeding in public so much easier!

Breastfeeding tops such as this black and white striped one above have plenty of stretch in them and are cut so as to allow your bump to expand for the full nine months and then return to their original slim shape when you later want to breastfeed. They’re ideal for layering during the cooler months should you live in the south, in areas such as Sydney or Melbourne and are also perfect for the mild Queensland winter.

The clever overlap under the bust allows you to single handedly quickly access your nursing bra clip. Otherwise, the top just looks like a regular long sleeve T-shirt. Our long sleeved nursing tops are just $43 and we’ve noticed similar ones on sale on other maternity websites for $80! Ours are made from a very high quality cotton/elastane that looks good after many washes. We also have a few of these tops in other colours from previous seasons available on our discount page, starting at $34.50.

One quick tip which you MUST consider is that you will probably not want to wear maternity tops that have ruching on the sides even if they have nursing access. Mums tell me the last thing they want is to look pregnant when they no longer are!

3/4 Sleeved Lace-Insert Top in Royal Blue - only $43!

3/4 Sleeved Lace-Insert Top in Royal Blue – only $43!

My favourite amongst our winter maternity and breastfeeding tops is the lace insert style which has the same easy nursing access. Team with some skinny black jeans and you’re all set for dinner out with the family! A night off cooking is always something every mum looks forward to!

Bring On Autumn! Winter Maternity Clothes To Keep You Warm & Stylish

Geo Spot Nursing WearSeamless Black Maternity Leggings
Modern sportswear meets functional nursing wear. Now $71.

There’s definitely been a morning chill in the air of late. I have to say I’m loving it, especially after the belated summer we had in March which made it so difficult to sleep at night. I certainly remembered how much hotter I felt when I was pregnant and I’m betting that most pregnant mums out there are glad that there’s been a change in the weather. We noticed how the sportswear trend has really taken off so we wanted to bring in a sweater that would be perfect for the gym, casual wear AND breastfeeding (and pregnancy too). We think we cracked it with the geo spot sweater selling like hotcakes. I’m guessing this is going to sell out even before we hit winter this year! It’s just so ideal for nursing your baby when it gets cooler – you don’t have to freeze by lifting up your top. All you have to do is pop open a few press studs to get discreet and easy nursing access. We also have a new brand of maternity leggings to go with our fabulous nursing sweater. Now leggings are one item you definitely can’t live without, pregnant or not! These ones are such a great fit and are soooo comfortable, you’re guaranteed to want to live in them. Being seamfree, they don’t have any itchy seams around your bump which is perfect for those with sensitive skin and/or mums wanting a perfectly smooth contour. (There are inside leg seams down the legs though.) Also, incredibly affordable at $30.50 including free shipping. Jojo Maman Bebe Maternity Pyjamas For cold winter nights when you have do those middle of the night feeds, there is nothing like a warm pair of pyjamas to give you comfort. We love the cute floral print of these maternity pyjama pants ($45) and the comfy belly band. The maternity pyjama top ($43) with nursing access is comfortable and loose fitting (if you prefer a more fitted nursing top, we have our lace-insert nursing top instead). It makes breastfeeding when you’re half asleep so much easier as it simply involves lifting up the top layer. Mmm… snuggling up in these warm winter pieces makes the colder weather something to look forward to.